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Exploring Copenhagen from within

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After almost 10 years of successfully driving forward my free-lance guiding business in Copenhagen, the interruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has given me the opportunity to pursue my interests in subtle energy and alternative therapy forms.

These personal and professional transformations have taken the shape of the project I have called

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Guided visits and subtle energy guidance

The world of tourism and experiences has greatly changed in the last few years. INSIGHTSEEINGS is my response to these changes.

As a professional tourist guide, I can take you on a classical visit of the city or assist you with your international group or event in Denmark.

As an energy therapist, I can guide you on inner journeys to more vitality and presence in your daily life through subtle energy exercises and crystal therapy.

I can also combine both areas, giving guests a holistic experience with lasting effects in the form of learnings, insights and a few energy tools to use at any time.

Check out a sample of the combined experiences here, and remember that custom-made adventures are always a possibility.

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