What is an Insightseeing?

An Insightseeing is a tour that both entertains your mind with information, facts, anecdotes about the place you are visiting and feeds your soul with reflections, mindfulness activities and subtle energy exercises that you can take home as souvenirs.

Insightseeings feel...

Fun In The Park. Digital artwork in CorelDraw by Vina Domingo-Roy. See more of her work here

Featured insightseeings

Bridging your joy in Copenhagen's Harbour

Through a unique combination of mindful strolling, energy medicine exercises and learning about our subtle energies, we will activate our joy from within while experiencing Copenhagen as a local in the very heart of the city: its old and charming harbor.

Roskilde Edition

A cultural and historical city walk in Roskilde woven with a good insight into the energetic properties of light. We will experience tales, exercises and crystals to activate the light you already have in you, and you will get some crystals so you can continue working with your inner light at home.

Come and turn your inner light on in Roskilde!

The 8-house Energy Awareness virtual Tour

The human energy field contains a lot of figure 8s, so what a better place for an introduction to energy awareness than the 8-house in Copenhagen. In the first part of the tour, we will use Google Earth to explore the building and learn about energy through practice. The second part of the tour will be interactive where you can see more of the building, learn more about energy or combine both options 🙂

open tours coming 🙂

Would you like to join an Insightseeing? You will have the chance to join one in Copenhagen or its surrounding areas in one of the the open events coming. Keep tuned!

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