Photo credit: Jean Luxe, courtesy of IDÉA NORDIC

What is an Insightseeing™️?

An Insightseeing™️ is a tour that both entertains your mind with information, facts, anecdotes about the place you are visiting and feeds your soul with reflections, mindfulness activities and subtle energy exercises that you can take home as souvenirs.

An Insightseeing™️ is a slow experience. We don’t cover long distances or hurry by the different locations. Instead, we take the time to feel the essence of the place, and more importantly, how it relates to our inner landscape.

This is how an Insightseeing™️ feels...

Fun In The Park. Digital artwork in CorelDraw by Vina Domingo-Roy. See more of her work here

This is how an Insightseeing™️ looks like...

Photo credits: Jean Luxe, IDÉA Nordic, Eliana Cobos

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