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A bit of info about my Energy Studies

Here you can read about the certifications I have currently obtained in the area of subtle energies. In the descriptions of each one, you can also find some ideas and examples of how I can use my experience to help you in your personal journeys.

"Make your life circumstances into the stepping stones
on the way to the best version of yourself."
Eliana Cobos
Energy & Tourist Guide

For more details on each certification, please go to the Certifications section in the desktop version of my website.

dealing your dual nature or...

… thriving in your dual nature. You decide! 

Thanks to the training of renowned energy teacher Jeffrey Allen, I can help you activate your energy body so you can use your full potential by harmoniously connecting your two personal dimensions: your physical and your energetic side.

Learn to manage your energy to improve your relationships, to revitalise your mind, improve your connection to your spirit and to heal yourself.

Duality Cert Eliana

Chakras: a road map to healing

If you think you know nothing about subtle energy, think again. You have probably heard the term “chakra”, and that’s already a good starting point!

The chakras, or energy wheels in your energy body are not just there for decorating the walls of yoga studios 🙂

Thanks to my training, I can show you how to use them to understand and heal your wounds, get in charge of your present circumstances and create a road map to the future you want to live.

A Spiritual Fitness Program

Dubbed the world’s first “spiritual fitness” program, Unlocking Transcendence has helped me incorporate practical and meaningful spiritual routines into my daily life.

With the help of these routines, I am now more aware and able to feel a true and inner balance, both when all is bright and good and also on gray, rainy days.

Let’s get spiritually fit together!

Unlocking Transcendence Cert

Crystals: Eye & Soul Candy

For me, crystal energy is one of the most powerful, beautiful and at the same time easiest ways to start experiencing subtle energies.

I have obtained a couple of certifications that qualify me to perform crystal healing for the body, mind and spirit.

Being the core of my healing practice, I’m still taking some specialization courses in the field in order to fine-tune my crystal healing skills.

A session can include one or several of the crystal healing modalities: body layouts, meditations or lithomancy.

Using Your Own Healing Hands

Energy Medicine is a superstar in my energy therapy kit. It’s the shortest, easiest, and more inclusive way to practice energy awareness.

Just imagine: what if you could get rid of a headache in as little as 60 seconds, while sitting at your workplace and without needing any special equipment?

The only thing you need is your own hands to tap, trace or hold your energy channels and points, the same ones that are also used in other alternative therapies like acupuncture.

Even though it might sound “too good to be true” I challenge you to try it and feel the difference yourself.

Energy Medicine Cert

"Healing is not just for illness.
Healing is bringing yourself into coherence."