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Crystal Journeys

Harmonic vibrations
to balance your energy

How can crystals help me?

Protons, neutrons and electrons are the atomic particles that compose matter. Everything we can perceive with our senses is matter. These atomic particles emit a subtle vibration, that varies according to the type of matter.

In the case of a person, the frequency of the vibration can vary greatly from time to time. When we are sad or angry, we’re vibrating at a lower frequency (a.k.a. low vibes), when we’re feeling joy, we’re vibrating at a higher frequency (a.k.a. high vibes).

A crystal, on the other hand, has a regularly repeating molecular structure which makes it vibrate in an orderly and harmonious way, all according to its specific atomic arrangement. 

These harmonic vibrations, along with their ability to absorb, transmute, emit and direct different types of energy is what make crystals invaluable allies to help us balance our mind, body, and spirit.

Crystal Journeys Available

introduction to crystal energy

Crystal body layouts are a crystal journey modality where stones or crystals are placed on specific areas of the body.

This placement influences those areas so their vibration aligns to that of the orderly vibration of the crystal and you become more balanced.

You and your group can experience crystal energy first-hand in this crystal journey which includes the energetic cleansing of your space, an introductory talk about crystal energy, a crystal layout for each participant and a guided meditation.

Approximate duration: 3h, for up to 7 participants. 

Performed at your place of choice.

Can be performed as an individual session.


Lithomancy is a form of divination using stones to receive answers from your higher self or your spirit guides.

We do an individual session of 20 min to help you formulate an open, clear question and then I perform the actual reading on my own.

The detailed guidance received on the topic will be submitted to you by email.

Available only as remote service. Results delivered on a recorded video or in written.


lithomancy readings

crystal-Powered meditation circle

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools when working with intentions, as our intention get amplified by the energy generated during meditation.

All this amazing work gets lifted to an even higher level when combining it with crystals.

I’ll start by cleansing the space energetically and then you and your group will have a mini-class on meditation techniques, crystal energy and how they combine. We will then proceed with the actual meditation circle, finishing the event with training on how to energetically cleanse, charge and program your crystals.

Approximate duration: 3 hours, for up to 7 participants. 

Performed at your place of choice.

Can be adapted to be an individual session.