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Energy Journeys

Moving your energy
towards the best version of yourself

why working with subtle energy?

We are all surrounded by energy. We, are in fact, energy, and our body, in turn, emits different kinds of energy. 

Some, like the electromagnetic fields of our brain, have been able to be measured by scientific methods. Others, like the energy of our biofield, are just started to be acknowledged by science. These energies that have not been able to be measured scientifically yet are our subtle energies.

Our patterns of health and disease are related to the movement or lack of movement of the subtle energies in our body. 

Using simple movements, exercises, taping, tracing, and touching you can reactivate the flow of this energy in your body. The routines are in their majority self-performed, so you are not just coming here to get healed, you will be healing yourself and taking that new knowledge with you to keep your energy flowing.

energetic hygiene

In the world and time we live in, hygiene in our physical spaces and bodies is a must. But… what about our energy bodies? 

The Energetic Hygiene Journey will provide you both with preventive tools as well as exercises to counteract the normal symptoms of an overcharged energy system – for example a constant heavy head. You will also learn a few tricks to live with more resilience and calm.

In this energy journey, I will start by cleansing the space energetically. Then you and your group will get an introduction to the type of energy we will be working with, to then move on into the -literally!- hands-on part of the session. We will finish by going over a written hand-out you will get to take home with you with some recommendations to keep your energy system shiny and radiant.

Approximate duration: 3h, for up to 7 participants. 

Performed at your place of choice.

Can be performed as an individual session


Whether it’s stress or having difficulties sleeping -or both!- we can together find a set of energy exercises that will suit yours and your group’s specific needs.

First, I will make sure our energetic space is clear and ready for us to start, and then, in a practical and participative way, you will learn about your subtle energie systems.

We will practice together and I will make sure you get an understanding and good grab of the movements. After the session, you will get a video summary filmed by me with the main takeaways of the session so you can keep your energy in flow and balance on your own.

Remember that consistent daily practice of new habits is the basis of a sustainable change in your life.

Approximate duration: 3h, for up to 7 participants. 

Performed at your place of choice

Can be performed as an individual session