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Reconnection Journeys

Unlock your inner wisdom

why reconnect?

It could be argued that the human collective alive at this time on Earth is the most connected in all of known history. Communication has never been so fast or ever-present. So why reconnect?

Technology has cut down the time it takes to send and receive messages and allowed us to multiply our connections. Unfortunately, that has been done at the expense of the depth of connection to others, to nature, and -most importantly- the connection to our true selves. 

The connection that enables us to stop when our exhausted body tells us that we are running on reserves.

The connection that lets us see when we need to throw someone a simple and yet crucial lifeline in the shape of a hug.

Most of us have been conditioned to think that this higher connection is only available by investing long hours sitting in quiet -and, yes let say it!- boring meditation. 

But what if you didn’t even need to sit still to meditate? 

Reconnection Journeys Available

anywhere, anytime

Discover the versatility of meditation as a daily practice. Anywhere, anytime, standing, sitting, walking, running.

This journey includes both information and practice of the different types of meditation. The available “menu” will help you find out what your style is when practicing awareness and presence from within. 

Anyone can do it, all you need is the decision to start and 5 minutes a day.

Approximate duration: 2h, for up to 7 participants. 

Performed outdoors in a park or natural area.

Can be adapted to be an individual session.

How is your relationship to nature? Have you ever asked yourself what percentage of your being is made of Earth? For most of us it is about 100% 😉 

This planet is not only providing our physical sustenance (food, water, air) but it also provides energetic support,  for example, grounding.

Use all of your senses to explore nature reaping the benefits of remembering and honoring this connection in your daily life.

Approximate duration: 2 hours, for up to 7 participants. 

Performed outdoors in a park or natural area.

Can be adapted to be an individual session.


reconnecting with nature

crystal- powered meditation

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools when working with intentions, as our intention get amplified by the energy generated during meditation.

All this amazing work gets lifted to an even higher level when combining it with crystals.

I’ll start by cleansing the space energetically and then you and your group will have a mini-class on meditation techniques, crystal energy and how they combine. We will then proceed with the actual meditation circle, finishing the event with training on how to energetically cleanse, charge and program your crystals.

Approximate duration: 3 hours, for up to 7 participants. 

Performed at your place of choice

Can be adapted to be an individual session.