Insightseeings in Roskilde!

The walking tour "Meet Your Light” was part of Roskilde's Light Festival Lysfest 2022

2022 is started in the best possible way with a collaboration of Insightseeings and Roskilde Byens Hus.

I was invited to participate in Roskilde Lysfest (Roskilde Light Festival), and specifically for this event I created the tour called “Meet Your Light”.

“Meet Your Light” is one of the activities of Insightseeings, a project where the new concept “Inner Tourism” becomes part of Roskilde’s Light Festival 2022. Following this new idea we take a walk in our inner landscape – what can not be seen with the eyes – using presence and energy exercises, crystals and meditation while at the same time going on a regular sightseeing.

Here are a few of the things that my guests experienced during the tour:

  • They heard about how our need for light as human beings lies behind the design of Roskilde Cathedral
  • They learned about ourselves as light sources emitting biophotons
  • They experienced crystal energy first hand and practicing weaving their biofield or aura with light
  • They got some useful souvenirs (aka crystals 🙂 ) so they can continue working with their inner light at home.

Below you can find a couple of videos, one before the tour and one with a summary of how the tour went.

Here is a video inviting you to it…

Below a short promo video where I invite to the event, directly on location 🙂 See you in Roskilde!

Eliana inviting you to the Insightseeing “Meet Your Light” by the sculpture “Ragnarok” by Bjørn Nørregaard

… And a video of how it went 🙂

During the festival, the tour was offered on three occasions: Tuesday, January the 25th.,
Wednesday the 26th., and Friday the 28th.

Below you can watch a video with some highlights of the tour. Enjoy!

The highlights and best moments of the Insightseeing “Meet Your Light”, Roskilde Edition

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Insightseeings in Roskilde!

The walking tour “Meet Your Light” was part of Roskilde’s Light Festival Lysfest 2022