This Is How The First Insightseeing Went

Rainy day but lots of fun and good energy on the day of the first Insightseeing: Bridging the Joy in Your Energy.

“Bridging The Joy In Your Energy” is an insightful stroll combining sightseeing and learning about subtle energy through practice.

We crossed several of Copenhagen’s Inner Harbour bridges and saw the way this old merchant port is used today. While sightseeing, we also learned about our energy body and the way to use some simple and effective exercises to balance the flow of our energy, increasing our vitality to help us live with more everyday joy.

I have made a summary of the tour that you can see in these 3 short videos. Enjoy!


My huge thanks to dear Orsolya for letting me use her lovely smile to illustrate how much fun we had in this first INSIGHTSEEING.

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The walking tour “Meet Your Light” was part of Roskilde’s Light Festival Lysfest 2022